Sunday, 2 June 2013

Mine dust, Winter wind ... and Tears of frustration

It never occurred to me that one of the reasons for Eden's extreme eczema is the fact that we live 20km's away from a mine dump!!! Her dad mentioned this to me last year ... We lived far from any mines when she was a baby and for those first 2 years she had eczema but nothing compared to what it is now ... we moved to this part of town and every year her eczema just got worse and never occurred to me that mine dust and the environment we live in could add and even worsen ... or be the cause of her terrible eczema Strong winds have been blowing for the past 2 days ... with the result that all the mine dust have been blown towards us... Eden's eczema is flared up again (looks like week 1 of our Cortisone free journey) ... I have decided to keep her home this week as her exams are starting next week Monday and I would like her to rest and be as healthy as possible by the time her exams start. This is so frustrating!! I wish I could just take her trial upon myself!! I can't think of a worse torture then to see your child suffer! Absolutely heartbroken today. My husband (Eden's stepdad) told me that his grandfather died at a very young age due to working in mines ... and he was a healthy man that never smoked or indulged in alcohol. Apparently mine dust can: -reduce your life expectancy -Respiratory hospital admissions -Black lung from coal dust -heart failure -Non-fatal cancer, osteroporosia, ataxia, renal dysfunction -Chronic bronchitis, asthma attacks, etc. -Loss of IQ from air and water pollution (mercury) And that is just some of the negative impact that mine dust can have. My son (Caden - who is 6 years old) have been struggling with Chronic rhinitis for the past TWO YEARS!! His nose is CONSTANTLY blocked When I gave birth to our baby Michael in December (last year) the midwife asked me if I was a smoker ... (which I'm not ... nor ever have been) when I asked her why she asked me this she informed me that my placenta was completely grey and if the baby had to wait 2 more days before his arrival he would have died ... she said it's because of all the mercury we are exposed to and a lot of women have this problem because they are living in this area. This was scary ... and eye opening. I myself have been to the doctor (less than a month ago) and she noticed that I have slight wheezing in my lungs. A lot of changes are going to have to take place ... to get Eden healthy ... but it's worth it. She is worth it and deserves a normal happy healthy life. It's so easy to get discouraged ... but this is the trial we have to endure ... I feel like I can see a very dull light at the end of the tunnel ... but it's still very far and there's still a long stretch of the tunnel ahead of us: Elder Bruce R McConkie shared the following in one of his talks ... this is how we feel today ... We stand today on a mountain peak, on a majestic, glorious peak in the midst of the mountains of Israel. To gain this height, we have climbed over peaks of peace and trudged through the valleys of despair. Below us lie the deserts of sin and the forests of evil; below us stretch the swamps of carnality and the plains of passion; below us rage the roaring rivers of war and hate and crime, through all of which we have struggled to reach this summit. Above us, stretching crest on crest, are yet greater and grander peaks. Each one is rimmed with rivers and forests and cliffs and crags. There are deep canyons and steep precipices. Along the way we shall yet climb, hidden in the underbrush, is the lair of the lion and the hole of the asp. Venomous serpents are coiled on ledges beside the path and jackals lurk in dark caves by the wayside. Our onward course will not be easy. The way ahead will be blocked by a landslide of lasciviousness; an avalanche of evil will bury the trail. As we trudge forward, sharp rocks will cut our feet; rivers of lava will melt the soles of our sandals; and we shall be hungry and thirsty and faint. The way ahead will be hard and the path rugged. But far in the distance—its heights hidden in the clouds, the divine Shechinah resting upon its summit—far in the distance stands Mount Zion, the grandest peak of all. FAITH HOPE AND LOTS AND LOTS OF PRAYERS

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