Tuesday, 29 April 2014

2nd week flare NEARLY 12 MONTHS IN

So frustrating!!

Eden is now in her 2nd week of flaring ... the redness have gone down and a lot of her flare has calmed down ... she's not so sore anymore ... she can lift her neck slightly again but but BUT her skin is dry and flaky and itchy and she's butchering herself ... her face is full of sores and infection and skin is peeling.

I am taking her to our GP tomorrow to get a course of antibiotics as the infections are bad...I prefer the homeopath but at the moment nothing seems to help...not even our homeopathic treatment.

Guess it's just one of those things that need to be waited out.

Here's some pics taken this morning of her face: It's so frustrating when you have come so far and have had such a lovely relative calm and recovery period and then out of nowhere a flare from hell hits.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Almost 1 Year TSW

I've heard of many people that have flared around the 1 year mark.
We have flared at the almost 11 months and now again at the almost 12th month mark ... every day her flare seems to be getting worse ... probably because she has infection now ... she is so so sore!!

I have only taken pics of her face (not her body) ... she cleared beautifully and at one stage I was almost certain we were on the path to full recovery but now I have to give into another dose of antibiotics and hope for the best.

I have seen Eden's skin improve dramatically over the past few months so I know it is possible ... healing is possible ... it's better than being in that awful stagnant phase ... just have to keep the faith.

These photo's were taken Yesterday ... I am too scared to see what she looks like today (she's still sleeping) :(

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Extremely tight and dry skin

Perhaps it's the change of seasons? We are heading into winter now and every winter Eden flares really bad ... it started on Friday and her flare in terms of intense redness etc haven't actually gotten worse but the dryness is so unbearably uncomfortable, she cannot even lift her head as her neck is too tight.

I'm contacting a Dermatologist that does UV light therapy ... perhaps it's a good idea to start her on light therapy for the winter.

She's staying home for the next few days, she's very teary and miserable today ... just staying in her bed.

I am curious to see how long it takes to settle down again.

I don't have the best quality camera so the detail of Eden's skin could not be captured ... hopefully you get some idea ... even her eye lids are flaking at the moment.

 Not lifting her head too much as it hurts around her neck (skin too dry and tight)

Legs are extremely dry and flared but we've seen a lot worse and won't ignore the fact that there's definitely progress.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Doing better again

Eden had a tonsillectomy 2 weeks ago and was in bed for the entire 2 week holiday ... so much rest she caught up on and de-stressed after exams and school (although I must add she loves being back at school again).

She looked terrible when her tonsils were removed (everyone at the hospital commented and gave advice wrt her skin and was shocked to realize this was the effect of topical cortisone addiction).

Anyway, one of the nurses told me that when she had her tonsils removed, her eczema vanished (perhaps related, who knows ... but what I do know is she went through a terrible flare and then as soon as her tonsils were removed and we started her on the course of antibiotics the flare lifted and her skin started to clear ... so much so that she's back at school again for the second term).

Much to be grateful for ... and even if another flare hits (which is possible) ... I know that it will disappear again and her skin actually heals now after every flare ... I am so grateful for these breaks in between and little (and big victories).

Eden's skin prior to the tonsillectomy & anti-biotic treatment ... NASTY 10 1/2 month flare 

Eden currently after the tonsillectomy & meds ... doing so much better. Feeling happier and more relaxed ... so grateful it's gone for now.