Saturday, 8 June 2013

Red burny rashes & gluten free food

This past week have been hell!! Eden's skin's on fire ... burning (not as itchy), red, flaky, cracks in certain places and leaks water...she also had tonsillitis but is doing a lot better now...our homeopath gave her medicine and tonsils cleared up without any antibiotics (little victory!!) I'm also very grateful to have found gluten free products (see pictures) in a local health shop: rice spaghetti, brown rice pasta/ gluten free/ egg free dairy free/ wheat free pancake mixture, rice milk (she hates the taste so I'll be drinking it ... at least she drinks coconut milk). Below are some of the pictures of how her skin was looking earlier this week ... the redness have lightened a bit(took the pictures today where she's slightly lighter) I am reminded by the words of one of my friends to Eden: "Don't get discouraged, celebrate every small improvement and know that you are not alone"

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