Saturday, 2 April 2016

Update wrt Caden

Most of you are aware of Caden's horrific injury last year April: he was attacked by a stranger who hurled a brick through his father's motor vehicle while they were driving ... the brick hit Caden against the side of his head and he suffered a traumatic brain injury and stroke, he was on life support and in a coma.

When he finally woke up he had to relearn all the skills that use to come so effortlessly to him, such as: eating, drinking, sitting, talking, walking etc.

He walked around for 10 months without a skull on the left side of his head and in January this year he underwent a major life threatening operation where they tried to replace the skull and reattach the membrane of the brain.

Unfortunately his own bone was too old and shattered so they ended up using titanium as a replacement.

The operation turned out successful despite not being able to use his own bone and he is finally back at school (he attends a school for disabled and learning disability but he is doing exceedingly well and should be back in mainstream by next year).

Here are some pics of the operation in January and how Caden is currently looking, we also had a welcome home for him and made a special video for him.... I guess what I am trying to say in all of this is (In Jeffrey R Holland's words) "BELIEVE IN MIRACLES ... HOPE IS NEVER LOST." and "if the cup don't pass ... drink it."

Friday, 1 April 2016

Update wrt Eden

It's been a crazy crazy CRAZY 3 years!!

Eden started with tsw 3 years ago ... and I am so happy to say that she is doing remarkably well and have blossomed through every one of her trials.

She still has a bit of eczema behind her knees and folds of her arms ... but that is all it is ... eczema.
We don't use anything for it ... and she seems to be fine without it.
Her skin is still very dry but no more shedding, oozing etc ... I can confidently say tsw is long gone and well in the past.

I am considering a anti-candida diet (the whole journey: Christa Orecchio's cleanse) because my gut tells me the reason behind Eden's stubborn eczema spots is candida related.

Here are a few pics of  how Eden's skin is currently looking: