Wednesday, 23 July 2014

FINALLY ..... a break!

Since March this year Eden have consistently flared every 2 to 3 weeks ... but we have finally had a break!! We are at the 4 week mark without any flares and her skin is looking sooooo good ... better than it has in months!!
She is now 14 months TSW.

We stopped using all ointments and moisturisers / creams ... and only added a few drops of lemon grass oil (suggested by Isaiah's mom .... genius!!) to a small tub of pure zinc ointment ... can't believe the difference it has made!

We have basically gone through moisturiser withdrawal but felt it still essential to apply this lemon grass / zinc ointment balm to the infected areas as the lemon grass is an anti-fungal and antiseptic. Her legs and arms are still full of sores from the previous flare (the last flare have lasted for an entire month so, you can imagine the skin damage...) but who's complaining??? We are just happy that we have had this break ... Eden is so relieved and all the kids and teachers are commenting on how beautiful her skin is looking ... let's hope this is the beginning of the end of this long journey.

Either way ... we are still extremely grateful to see improvement in body, mind and spirit.