Thursday, 10 August 2017

Eden's skin almost 5 years later

Eden is doing fantastic!

She has a little bit of eczema (I think she might have this for the rest of her life as she was born with a little patch under her neck). Her feet and folds of her arms get irritated at times but it's NOTHING in comparison to how it was.

She can function and have a normal life.

She can use normal lotion, soap, detergent and nothing irritates her skin that makes life unbearable for her.

What triggers an itch-craze is stress: she scratches and scratches and scratches when she is stressed out.

But again ... there is NO comparison to the hell she went through during TSW.

She is a happy, thriving, normal teenager today and the world is her oyster.

Going through TSW is worth it ... it is painful, it is long, it is lonely and heart wrenching but WORTH IT and it does not last forever.

Eden lasted for 2 years and then improved more and more as time went on.

Now, 5 years later, it's a distant memory that doesn't haunt us anymore but certainly taught us valuable lessons and mostly ... helped us heal.