Thursday, 6 February 2014

9 MONTHS TS FREE and 1 month back at school

2 weeks into the first school term and Eden started to flare (but it was nothing in comparison to what it use to be and eventually I kept her home for 3 days and then she could return after the weekend). She's in good spirit and even though her skin is once again trying to recover from yet another staph infection ... she is doing very well.

I have come to the conclusion that Eden's skin will heal so much faster if it wasn't for these recurring staph infections ... the question is ... How does one treat them?

Thankfully we have an amazing homeopath that treats the inside of the body and specifically staph infections but the outside is still pretty much a mess.

When we went to the coast in December, Eden's skin healed from infections within 2 days of being there (due to the salt sea water) ... unfortunately we live 8 hours away from the nearest beach so that is out of the question ... but I have started bathing her in dead sea salt ... sometimes epsom salt ...and I read again today on the forum that Apple cider vinegar is good for infections (to bath in) and coconut oil and then Isaiah's mom mentioned she used lemongrass essential oil and mixed it with shea butter and cleared her baby's skin in 4 days.

A family memeber also suggested I contact a lady by the name of Diana that sells a product called Bulbinella ... so I am going to give it a try and see what happens.

Will keep posting regarding Eden's progress.


Slight flare in her neck and face but  nothing compared to what it was.

Her arms were really sore and red with water running out of it.

the source of my frustration: Staph infections ... Eden has these little open sores, bumps and infections all over her legs (it looks like she's recovering from chicken pox) and I simply can't get it better unless I take her to the sea again (which is not a possibility) ... I will in the meanwhile keep on looking for solutions to this problem.

Also, some other (Random) news (non tsw related .... my husband and I are expecting another baby! We are 12 weeks along and I have CONSTANT NAUSEA urgh!! But, we are thrilled.)