Monday, 20 October 2014

18 months Flare

Haven't been blogging for a couple of months due to ... our new family member, Meya born early August.

We have been so blessed because the first 2 months of her life was absolute bliss with Eden's skin ... and then they went on holiday to the bush and she came back with the flare of all flares (see last picture) ... she is absolutely distraught  but at least we know she can (and will) heal again.

She's in so much pain at the moment ... just staying in bed ... not going to school (they are as supportive as always and some of the kids are as big bullies as always ... not even worth mentioning what is being said to Eden every now-and-again at school ... you'd think kids will get use to the fact that she's "different"from them and let it be by now ...)

Anyway, at least she can stay home and recover.

Below are a few of the pics taken of her the past 3 months ... she's really had a good skin period.

Holding baby sister, Meya for the first time

Kids with Oumi (granny)

 Playing with cousins

Enjoyed a music festival ... with SA celebrity / singer Bobby van Jaarsveld.

All dressed in white for little sister's blessing

Sadly, she started breaking out again 2 weeks ago... hoping it will lift soon.

Love is the only thing stronger than fear ... and in this case FAITH & HOPE as well.