Tuesday, 2 June 2015



Eden's been at school every single day this year (so far) with no major flares ... no major skin issues... just doing really well...enjoying life ... finally feeling peace, joy, healing ... and thriving.


1 month ago ... on the 30th April, something terrible happened ...  Eden (all of us) nearly lost Caden (her brother, my sweet, innocent little 8 year old son).

They were on their way to have a holiday weekend with their dad at some resort, driving on the highway when a man stood on the side of the highway and threw a brick into the traffic ... it smashed through the window (they were driving at about 120km/ph .. the brick hit my little 8 year old on the left side of his skull (probably at 200km/ph), crushing his skull and smashing into his brain.

Eden was in the car when this happened.


My beautiful boy was in a coma, on life support, ventilator and in ICU for 3 weeks ... the doctors did not think he would survive ... BUT HE DID!!

It was national news ... and he is currently in rehab ... where he will remain for 3 months.

God has been so kind and merciful to us ... he spared our little boy and brother ... and we have all felt His hand in our lives this past month ... we have felt how the Lord strengthened and carried us and all I can say is that NEVER EVER EVER EVER doubt the Lord's existence .... He lives! He loves us all and He fights with us ... and when we can't carry on anymore ... He fights for us.

Caden is now in rehab, having to learn to walk, talk, eat etc .... basically learn to do everything over again.
But he is going to be okay ... yes, it is a long road (just like TSW) ... but one thing TSW have taught me is that ... THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL ... AND ... what this particular trial with Caden have taught me is that MIRACLES HAPPEN!

Stay strong fellow tsw warriors ... you are being prepared and strengthened ... to complete wonderful missions in life ... I feel tsw have prepared me for harder trials ... it has taught me patience, endurance, courage, faith and submission... this affliction will end ... and you will be stronger and more beautiful (inside and out) in the end.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

22 months

Just a few pics of Eden's progress.

She is now 22 month tsw and have had a wonderful first start to the year with only minor flares here-and-there.

Unfortunately the skin at the back of her legs are still irritated and full of spots as well as her lower back and inside of her arms BUT we are making progress and getting to the end of this chapter.

In addition to just ... waiting it out ... I have changed our diet tremendously. Following Dr. Alan Christianson's, the adrenal reset diet and have been able to keep my family healthy to a point. 

WE DO CHEAT ... but as a general rule we eat very healthy.

Eden's also started dancing and piano lessons this year and she's so excited about it ... she finally feels like there is more to life than illnesses.

We have come a long way.
So grateful.