Tuesday, 10 March 2015

22 months

Just a few pics of Eden's progress.

She is now 22 month tsw and have had a wonderful first start to the year with only minor flares here-and-there.

Unfortunately the skin at the back of her legs are still irritated and full of spots as well as her lower back and inside of her arms BUT we are making progress and getting to the end of this chapter.

In addition to just ... waiting it out ... I have changed our diet tremendously. Following Dr. Alan Christianson's, the adrenal reset diet and have been able to keep my family healthy to a point. 

WE DO CHEAT ... but as a general rule we eat very healthy.

Eden's also started dancing and piano lessons this year and she's so excited about it ... she finally feels like there is more to life than illnesses.

We have come a long way.
So grateful.

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  1. Wow! She is so pretty! We are on month 18. So hard... Thank you for the update! :)