Friday, 26 December 2014

Merry Christmas

Another year is basically done and dusted ... 19 months since we've last used oral or topical Cortisone (Steroids) for Eden's eczema ... her skin is certainly far from perfect but we are one step closer to complete and final healing.

She's visiting her dad at the moment ... they are all going to the coast ... some sun, sea and fresh air can do her good.

New year she (in fact ... we are all) starting a healthy, clean diet... many tsw sufferers believe it's only time ... I completely agree with that ... but in our case I have a uncomfortable feeling (one that won't leave me) ... perhaps intuition ... that Eden's digestive system is a complete mess and needs some healing as well....hence my obsession with Sean Croxton and Chrisa Orrechio's digestion sessions, I feel like round 2 of her healing have now started.

Since  birth she's had reflux and other issues ... n 11 years ... she's never had a period of constant.normal.stools. Time to get to the root of this problem.

Anyway, here's a thought for this beautiful Christmas period and Merry Christmas & blessed, prosperous, healthy 2015 to all:

President Thomas S. Monson says: “He will not always take your afflictions from you, but He will comfort and lead you with love through whatever storm you face.”

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