Tuesday, 2 June 2015



Eden's been at school every single day this year (so far) with no major flares ... no major skin issues... just doing really well...enjoying life ... finally feeling peace, joy, healing ... and thriving.


1 month ago ... on the 30th April, something terrible happened ...  Eden (all of us) nearly lost Caden (her brother, my sweet, innocent little 8 year old son).

They were on their way to have a holiday weekend with their dad at some resort, driving on the highway when a man stood on the side of the highway and threw a brick into the traffic ... it smashed through the window (they were driving at about 120km/ph .. the brick hit my little 8 year old on the left side of his skull (probably at 200km/ph), crushing his skull and smashing into his brain.

Eden was in the car when this happened.


My beautiful boy was in a coma, on life support, ventilator and in ICU for 3 weeks ... the doctors did not think he would survive ... BUT HE DID!!

It was national news ... and he is currently in rehab ... where he will remain for 3 months.

God has been so kind and merciful to us ... he spared our little boy and brother ... and we have all felt His hand in our lives this past month ... we have felt how the Lord strengthened and carried us and all I can say is that NEVER EVER EVER EVER doubt the Lord's existence .... He lives! He loves us all and He fights with us ... and when we can't carry on anymore ... He fights for us.

Caden is now in rehab, having to learn to walk, talk, eat etc .... basically learn to do everything over again.
But he is going to be okay ... yes, it is a long road (just like TSW) ... but one thing TSW have taught me is that ... THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL ... AND ... what this particular trial with Caden have taught me is that MIRACLES HAPPEN!

Stay strong fellow tsw warriors ... you are being prepared and strengthened ... to complete wonderful missions in life ... I feel tsw have prepared me for harder trials ... it has taught me patience, endurance, courage, faith and submission... this affliction will end ... and you will be stronger and more beautiful (inside and out) in the end.


  1. WOW, firstly I am so glad to see that Eden is doing so good! I was wondering how she was. She deserves it and I truly hope it continue. Secondly, I am so relieved that your son is going to be okay. What a horrible thing to have to go through, but God is GOOD. I hope his recovery continues to go well and your family is in my prayers.

  2. I have followed Eden's story for over a year and it gave me the courage to embark on this journey with my own daughter. I am amazed by your courage in the face of another huge trial. As another LDS member I will be praying and fasting for your sweet little boy this next Sunday. Hugs from the U.S. Diana

    1. Wow! I thought we were the only members going through tsw :) it's a small world.
      Thank you, Diana. I cannot tell you how much everyone's prayers and faith have strengthened us.
      I hope your daughter is doing well too.

    2. Talia is doing really well. We are almost 20 months in and have seen a lot of healing in the past month. We are only dealing with minor localized flares at this point. I still wish it was over though. Still praying for you. I am headed to the temple on Friday and I will be sure to put Caden's and Eden's name in. Many hugs! Diana

  3. My goodness. Happy for Eden. So sorry for this sadness, but happy he pulled through.

    This time I'm sending Happy Positive Healing Thoughts to your whole family.
    <3 Cat

  4. that is so awful - my thoughts are with you and your two beautiful children & happy to hear they are both on the road to recovery xxx

  5. How is Caden doing? Your whole family has been on my mind. XO Diana

  6. I hope Caden and Eden are doing well.

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  8. Hello from Chicago,
    Still praying for your family. Just want to send encouragements your way since your blog and Eden's beautiful smiles have given us so many inspirations! My girl Bella (11) is in month 15 and having relapse flares that pains her legs so she has to miss some school days.
    Want to know if Caden is recovered and how is Eden back at school?
    All through this, GOD's mighty hand is indeed with the strong Mom.
    Hugs, Shiungor

    1. thank you for your message, Shiungor, you are so kind.
      My heart bleeds every time I hear about a baby or child that is suffering with tsw but it will be a thing of the past and 1 or 2 or even 3 years will look like a short time when you look back.
      Hang in there and keep smiling.

    2. Just read the updates on both Eden and Caden, praise God for the good news. My baby girl's TSW has been brutal since Feb. 2016. She has trouble walking since the skin behind the knees hurt so much with the bleeding, shedding, cracking. But seeing Eden's recovery gives us hope. Enjoy every little moment with your three beautiful children. One doc told me that little ones that survive trauma will be remarkable adults. Of compassion and love no doubt.
      God's blessings always, Shiungor