Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Eden's currently preparing for her upcoming exams. Am shocked how much work the school gives to little 9year olds: it's projects, homework, tests and exams around the corner ... she is writing an exam EVERY SINGLE DAY until middle June. So, we are preparing before it starts so that she doesn't feel overwhelmed by the time exams are here. Having said that ... she's just a kid and wants to play and relax, watch tv, have fun etc. She's also in the middle of her cortisone withdrawal / healing journey and her skin is still red, patchy, flared, sores, at times itchy (especially when she needs to study ... STRESS of exams) she's more moody than usual and craving junk food / comfort food during this time. It's no easy or quick fix....this is a long road. After a family member expressed his concern about our decision to completely stop cortisone treatment, I felt the need to ask Eden what she wants and she very firmly told me that she does not want to use cortisone anymore ... she wants to heal ... she wants her body to heal. She's seeing the homeopath again this week ... A kind lady (think she's from the States) shared with us her eczema secret: Curel cream. Will definitely look into that as well. Eden's just arrived home from school: complaining of a sore throat and headache. It's winter now so lots of germs going around. A thought that came to mind this week is the huge responsibility parents have in teaching their BOYS to be kind and gentle wrt how they treat and speak to girls...they need to realize that girls are fragile in their emotions and what they say to them can hurt them for years and years. Eden's experiencing a lot of nastiness from boys at school (some intentional others unintentional) ... it breaks her little heart... and it makes me so angry ... however, more angry at the parents for their lack of teaching their sons. Every day I tell my little boy to be kind to girls ... I try and explain to him that all girls want to feel beautiful and that it's the boys responsibility to help a girl feel beautiful ... by how they treat them... he now even takes flowers to school for the girls... such a hopeless romantic and sweet boy. I guess what I'm trying to say is that: Boys have a responsibility to help girls turn into ladies & Girls have a responsibility to help boys turn into men. BELOW is a picture of her tummy area ... it seems to be getting better if you compare it to week 1 (the picture just below ... she was terribly flared up and in a lot of pain) ... happy and grateful for the progress we are making (BIG SMILE).

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