Sunday, 12 May 2013


Just a brief summary of the past week. Last week Saturday we started Eden on Homeopathic medicine drops and creams ... all completely natural. Before that we've only ever had her on anti biotics and cortisone (oral and topical) with the result that her skin got so addicted to it that it stopped creating natural skin oil ... her body was so broken down ... her immune system completely run down ... her skin so incredibly addicted to cortisone that when we took it away her body completely crashed: - infections spread over her skin - stomach ache - nausea - wheezy chest - red rash ALL over her body - open oozing sores especially on the back of her legs and thighs. - bad breath - fatigue - scaly and dry skin - moodiness etc She applies ointment to her top lip about 50 times a day ... to keep it hydrated ... so that she can actually smile because her skin is not creating natural oils. It's really hard on her physically. It's equally hard on her emotionally ... perhaps even more so. Her greatest fear (when the school counsellor asked her the other day) was ... the fear of ECZEMA. She NEVER has same friends for longer than a week ... her friends constantly change ... and often she doesn't have any friends at school because she is the odd one out ... the one that is different from them. Long story short ... it's been ONE week without cortisone ... one of THE hardest weeks ever. But, it seems like there is light at the end of this tunnel after all ... the most wonderful Mothers day gift came in the form of my daughter's skin today ... even thought it's still dry (you Ccan see on the photo's below around her eyes slight wrinkles due to dry skin ... but LOOK AT THE IMPROVEMENT FROM YESTERDAY TO TODAY!!! AND IT'S ONLY BEEN ONE WEEK!!! We've removed: dairy wheat / grain eggs nuts minimal sugar no biscuits, crisps, chocolates or sweets We've added: Coconut milk to her diet Lots of veggies and soup ... I will continue this diet for the next 2 months to clean / detox her body and then slowly I will start to reintroduce foods one at a time. It's still a long road ahead ... but I am SO grateful for the progress I can see today ... in my prayers last night I asked the Lord that if it's not the time to remove Eczema indefinitely ... then please could He just bless us with an improvement. He always answers prayers ... and I am so incredibly grateful for this blessing in our lives.

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