Saturday, 11 May 2013


Hi everyone. Please comment by sending Eden an email: the comments on the blog comment section is not coming through (and people have told me that they have actually commented) so please email directly to Eden while I'm trying to figure out how to correct this ... (please be patient with me). Eden is lying in bed red faced, in so much pain. She has infection from scratching She has shivering episodes can't smile because her skin is so sensitive constant tummy ache crying: she's very sad today ... It's been 1 week without cortisone creams. I'm keeping her home from school this week...will work with her from home as exams are around the corner. In all of this ... she is still a child and still have moments where she puts the pain aside and plays like a normal kid ... she loves playing imaginary games ... in some ways I guess it's easier for children as they are more resilient than grown ups ... but on the other side ... it's harder because they don't understand and haven't learned self mastery skills yet. Lots of love lots and lots and lots of love is what I'm trying to give her. xxx A

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