Friday, 10 May 2013


This is the second post from me (Eden's mom) ... she just bathed and I had to rub new cream on her ... I wish I could just take this upon myself ... she's suffering so badly ... I pray that the homeopathic meds and new diet and healthy living lifestyle will shdenow improvement upon her skin soon. It's painful to watch your child suffer this way. it's heartbreaking to see there self image shattered ... we are supposed to go to church on Sunday ... I doubt we will go ... hate the staring... I might even keep her out of school next week. Heart broken. Eden forgot to put her email address on her previous post. Those who feel to write to her ... please do (we prefer private emails so please don't leave comments below the post) I read a blog of another eczema sufferer ... he went off cortisone and had a terrible terrible terrible withdraw but once it was out of his system and the body could start to heal again ... it became better and he looked like a new person. For those who wish to look at that blog. Here it is:

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