Saturday, 18 May 2013

2 Weeks Cortisone Free

It's exactly 2 weeks of being Cortisone Free. The first week was terrible ... she was in a lot of pain but now 2 weeks later there's definite improvement! For 9 years we have solely relied on Cortisone creams and oral medicines as well as Antibiotics to fix her Eczema problem and now we are all tired of it! Year after Year of seeing skin specialist after skin specialist ... and every time it's the same old thing: Cortisone! We've had a complete mind shift ... and attitude change. Eden's been incredibly brave throughout this process and she's been extremely obedient with regards to her detox diet (I'm not starving my child ... we've simply removed certain food such as: dairy, wheat, egg, nuts, sweets (candy) etc. in an effort to heal her body) ... when she's done with her detoxing I will slowly start reintroducing these foods ONE at a time to see how she will respond. In the meanwhile we are using medicine from an incredibly gifted Homeopath as well as cream (all natural and herbal)... it seems to be working: - Eden's not as bloated anymore - less tummy ache and nausea - the rashes are getting lighter and less inflamed (she does still have eczema rashes especially on the back of her legs) but there's a drastic improvement. - not as itchy - not infected anymore - skin not as hot to the touch anymore. I'm happy with the progress we are making. Eden's school exams are around the corner so she'll be studying a lot and we'll be blogging less for the next 2 to 3 weeks.


  1. Hi I tried to blog a comment but not sure if it took. I suffered with eczema since infancy. My aunt told me to try Curel cream after showering each day. It can be bought in any supermarket and drugstore and yes it did help prevent my eczema flare ups. Hydrocortisone creams are effective with extreme flare ups at first but to truly prevent the flare up Curel cream has helped me greatly. I have even seen it mentioned in my nursing textbooks now. So I am not the only one who has known that such an inexpensive alternative really works. Just thought I would share. Maureen

  2. Hello Eden

    Your mom let me know about your blog and how you are helping your body heal. I know you are doing the right thing and believe you will heal yourself completely. Our bodies are an amazing gift and have great healing power. I just wanted you to know that I am sending lots of loving, healing thoughts and prayers your way. You are very beautiful and have a powerful spirit. You will help many others with what you learn from this experience. Don't get discouraged, celebrate every small improvement and know that you are not alone. Many people love you dearly.

    Continue to be strong

    Lots of love


  3. Hi Eden

    First of all let me say, you are such a pretty girl,
    Just like your mamma. I really mean that.
    You have a beautiful smile and stunning
    Sparkly eyes and I can see there is some thing special about you.

    What a big challenge you have to go through at your age.
    You are a strong girl to be dealing with it so well.
    One day this tough experience will be behind you.

    Know that you have friends all over the world that are thinking about you
    And praying for you and keep checking in to see how you're doing
    Because you're a very important young girl.
    I don't know if you know that yet. You're not just important to your family.
    I'm sure even now, even though you haven't overcome this trial yet,
    I'm sure you have wisdom to be able to help and understand other children around
    You in a way that a lot of adults like myself would not be able to do.

    Good luck with your new treatment.
    I'm studying to be a homeopath and I know that if your skin
    Is getting worse now with the homeopathic medicine, that means the medicine is working
    And the eczema is making its way to the surface and out of your skin.
    So I'm sending you my love and best wishes to help you
    Manage during this time when you are feeling the most uncomfortable.

    Big hugs


  4. Just a quick message to say that I hope you are having a better week.

    How is your diary going? I used to keep special things glued in mine that made me feel better. Maybe you can print out emails that helped and stick them into your diary too. Or draw a picture of something that made you smile.

    Be strong and trust Heavenly Father.

    Lots of love

  5. Liefste Eden,
    Ek het so vinnig na jou blog gekyk, maar sal later vandag wanneer dit rustiger raak in die kantoor, alles lees wat jy en jou ma geskryf het.
    Wat n stunning blog – ek is net so mal soos jy oor pink en daarom dink ek jou blog se uitleg is baie mooi.

    Ek stem met jou saam – jy het die mooiste blou oe en jy is n pragtige jong meisie wat selfs met jou uitslag nog steeds sal uitstaan bo ander meisies!

    Dit moet vir jou baie moeilik wees om met die nare uitslag saam te lewe en ek is seker daarvan dat jy soms voel dat dit n straf is, maar ek bid saam met jou dat die nuwe behandeling jou regtig baie gaan help.

    Hierdie volgende week gaan moeilik wees want hierdie medisyne neem gewoonlik tyd voordat dit begin werk, maar elke keer as jy moedeloos raak, dink net daaraan dat Jesus daar is vir jou en jou nooit sal aleen los nie.

    Ek is nie seker of jy Afrikaans verstaan nie, maar jou liefste Mamma sal seker vir jou vertaal. Laat weet maar dan probeer ek volgende keer eerder in Engels skryf.

    Sterkte vir die week – ek dink aan jou.
    Geniet dit by die huis, want ek is seker dit is maar lekker koud daar by julle – so jy kan lekker onder die duvet inkruip en net rustig wees

  6. Hi Eden

    My name is Nicole. I am a friend of your mommy. We used to go to YSA together a long time ago.

    My husband Kent has bad eczema. When he was born he was covered in it. It is hereditary. His granny suffered with asthma and asthma is linked to eczema. He also had asthma as a child and still suffers from hay fever every spring time.

    We has two daughters Willow 3 1/2 years and Ravyn 6 months. Both were born with eczema as a result of their Daddy having asthma and eczema. Their paediatrian said that I must breastfeed both my babies for as long as possible to help them later in life with their skin. Ravyn had quite bad eczema and I had to rub Epizone cream on her skin and use a steroid cream in the creases of her arms and legs and on her tummy where her skin was red and sore. Her skin has gotten better also because her Granny (Kent's mom) got her pure coconut oil to rub on her skin after bath time. This has also helped a lot. If her skin hasn't improved by the time she turns one she will have to have blood tests done to see if any foods are causing the problem. My husband stays clear of anything with preservatives in or tartrazine in it. If he eats something that isn't good for him his fingers and hands go red and swollen and the skin on the tips of his fingers break and bleed which is very painful. He can't wash the dishes or go near soap as it hurts his skin so much.

    I'm sure he never had eczema as bad as you are suffering from it. You are very brave. Don't give up hope. Life is hard and people can be cruel to people and things they don't understand.

    Totally unrelated but I'll link it just now. When I was in primary school I developed earlier than my friends at the time. As a result I got really bad acne - all over my face, neck and chest. My mom took me to many doctors to try help me because my skin was so sore. I lost many friends as a result, and went through many friends during grade 5-7. It was a hard time in my life. The girls were very mean to me and liked to tease me and snigger and laugh and point at my skin when I walked past. Sometimes, the doctors prescribed medicines that made my skin worse and not better and I would get terrible breakouts. I hated going to school at this time. I would often wake during the night to check if the creams I had put on had made any difference, they usually didn't and I would spend the rest of the night tossing and turning dreading the next day of school. I tell you this story because all the nastiness at school made me a very bitter person. I became unhappy and mean myself as a result. The best advice I can give you is to take these comments as a pinch of salt and don't allow them to enter your heart or change you into a resentful bitter person yourself.

    Heavenly Father only gives us trials that we can bare. Sometimes trials seem unfair, but I can assure you that Heavenly Father will help you stretch and grow and through this experience you will have vast amounts of emotional intelligence and empathy for others going through great trials themselves (a gift truly lacking in our world today). Don't allow this experience to stop you from reaching out and being kind to those around you. If you do, people will look past your skin and see a wonderful person underneath.

    I know you have cut out cortisone cream etc. Have you considered stress as a catalyst for your skin flare ups? Ask your mommy to also find out about acupuncture?

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