Thursday, 13 June 2013

Even though ....

Even though Eden is far from 100 % healed ... we are not going to allow this to drag us into a tunnel of despair and darkness ... we are going to celebrate every little matter how small. Even though she's itchy ... it is bearable. Even though she's still covered in red burning rashes on both her legs and arms...with cracked areas and smelly water running out of them ... Even though she is flaking like Crazy ... Even though she has a sore throat, reflux (which she had last time as a baby), tummy aches, nausea at times, bladder infection and have lost a lot of weight because of her decreased appetite... Here's our little victory: Her face is looking sooooo much better (I don't know if it's busy healing or if the flare up is just gone ... for now ... what matters is that her face is looking better."..and she is happier. Our second little victory is that for the first time in 2 weeks she could actually go for a long walk today ... without discomfort and pain. Our third little victory is that her first week of exams are basically done and dusted and it went well ... she studied really hard (I had to sit next to her the entire time to remind her to study otherwise she would scratch constantly and forget to study). 3 Victories in one week!! 3 Blessings in one week!! So grateful to see the light at the end of the tunnel even though it's still far away and at times even gone. Below are some pictures (skin flaking, how her legs are currently looking (it's shiny because we applied ointment) and how her face looks currently ... and then a nice sun tan through our lounge window :D (I really think the sun is helping A LOT!!)

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