Thursday, 8 August 2013


Her flare started and lasted for 2 weeks ... she was home for a week but it seems as though the flare have subsided for the time being and her skin looks and feel calmer ....

On the photo you can see a pic of Eden with her brother ... his skin is snow white compared to hers ... there's a permanent redness over her body and with flare ups it gets a lot redder and even hot to the touch ... at the moment she is looking well enough to go to school ... and she's happy ... which is more important for me.

We know another flare will hit ... that is as sure as clockwork but we also know it will pass and she will be able to function again for a little while.

During the next week, Eden is going to be incredibly busy with school tests, school projects and eisteddfod ... I'm shocked at how busy little 9year olds are in schools these days & amazed at their capacity to juggle it all.


  1. YAY! go eden!
    i'm glad the flare is subsiding!!!
    she looks happy.

  2. They look so adorable! So happy the flare has calmed down! The flares will become less and less in intensity and duration! You got this Eden!

  3. Thank yo for the encouragement Lisa & Tracy xxx