Thursday, 15 August 2013

Calmer skin ... seriously??

Calmer skin ... Really? That's it?!!!

Yes this is what Eden looks like when she doesn't have a terrible flare up ... and yet a good day ... is no walk in the park for her.

I've kept her home for today ... and might also tomorrow ... she's itchy and not sleeping well (insomnia) ...

Eden's legs ... looking good considering how it use to look 2 months ago ... it's slightly shiny because she applies ointment on

This picture looks a bit weird ... Eden bend forward so I could take a picture of her lower back area.


  1. Poor wee girl! But still smiling and still beautiful. She will heal. Keep on keeping on! Elaine (edinburgh) xx

  2. We know she will heal ... thanks so much for your words of encouragement ... those are the things that get us through ...kind words xxx :)