Sunday, 11 August 2013


Eden stayed over at her ouma (granny) on Saturday as I had to work in the morning ... when I fetched her that afternoon she was COVERED in a red rash .... in her face ... and especially around her mouth ... and I knew without any doubt that she ate something she wasn't supposed to ....
The culprit was .... Cheesecake!

Suffice it to say ... I was not impressed ... as this was not the first time I've asked the two to be careful what they give Eden ... and for the time being to avoid certain foods .... especially the next three weeks as my sister is getting married and Eden is going to be a mini bridesmaid / flower girl and I know how embarrassed and self conscious she gets when her face is flared up ...

Yes I do realize flares are inevitable during Cortisone withdrawal ... but I definitely find a connection to her eczema (above her top lip) and the food she eats...and that wisdom with what she eats does help alleviate some of the discomfort.
So we need to be wiser with regards to that.

Having said that .... I also realize that the Cortisone have to work out of her body first and foremost before we can even begin to connect the dots as to what she is actually truly allergic to because at the moment this girl is allergic to everything .... or sensitive to everything.

Her tummy has a constant redness about it (also her arms, legs, neck and some parts of her back) .... but during a flare it gets a lot redder ... hotter ... burns a lot more .... thankfully .... at the moment her skin is ... a bit calmer... she oozed (water running out of her skin) during the past week ... especially Saturday ... her clothes were soaked ... in all of this we have to just remember how amazing our bodies are ... and it's capacity to heal itself ... and that all of these symptoms (no matter how unpleasant) is actually a very very good thing.... and it will pass.

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  1. Yikes!!!! Oh sweetie! I know how it feels! My flares always get worse with gluten - and I will think that THIS time I won't get worse, but I always do! We are now 100% gluten free, but it is hard! You will be beautiful for the wedding!!! My kids were part of my cousins wedding a few years ago - 2 flower girls and 1 ring bearer - it was a delight! Something they will never forget! Best wishes!