Monday, 29 July 2013

The dreaded 3rd Month

Yes it has arrived in all it's glory!! ... The 3rd month ... and as we've been warned ... the nasty flare up have started .

Eden is now 3 months Cortisone Free and in A LOT of pain!

The red burn is spreading like fire over her body ... her skin is tight ... red ... hot ... and itchy.
Her eyes are swollen, face is flared, mouth is flared.

I kept her home today ... might send her to school tomorrow.

At least we know that this will pass ... she had her first major flare up around 6 weeks ... and that was terrible ... we thought it would never pass ... but it did ... and this time we feel more prepared...not that it makes it any easier....but we are more relaxed this time around.

Now for the good news!!

Even though Eden was so incredibly sick with her first major flare up right in the middle of her exams ... she still managed to make her school's top 20 grade 4 academic learners  ... with 6 distinctions!!!)

We are so proud of her ... and love her so very much.


  1. Eden, you are such a brave, beautiful, and SMART girl! Cannot wait to see you healed and although the third month is nasty (I think it was my worst month too), you will get through it! Congrats on your academic achievement and do know that you have a whole community of people out there rooting for you and holding you in their thoughts.

  2. Oh Eden! Hang in there sweetie! My third month was also very awful! It was a very painful time for me! But it does get better! Keep telling yourself that this will end - and when it does, your skin will feel incredible! In fact you will stop thinking about your skin all the time because all the itching and all the pain will be gone!

  3. Thank you both for the encouragement ... this means so much to Eden (and all of us)