Monday, 15 July 2013

Back 2 School & starting to flare up again

After a 3 week holiday and staying at home due to terrible flare up 3 weeks prior to the holidays ... she's finally back at school all in all a SIX WEEK "holiday".

Her tummy and chest area is flared up again ... I'm guessing the next full on flare up is going to hit us soon but at least we know it will pass ... and so far she's been incredibly blessed with her recovery. Everyone at the Itsan forum says months 3 to 4 is bad ... and we are heading into our 3rd month.

Below are some pics of Eden during the holidays (she had her friend Kyra visiting). This was the highlight of her holiday as it made her feel normal again ... while Eden's friends are doing everyday normal kid stuff ...Eden is recording her feelings and dreams in her "dream journal" ... all about being normal and eczema / cortisone free ... for good.

So having Kyra over for a couple of days helped Eden to forget about her problems and just enjoy being a little girl.

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  1. Awww so precious! She looks soooo cute! good job mum!
    i hope months 3 & 4 are not as helish as they have been for others