Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Strength to endure

Our family was listening to President Monson's talk that he gave earlier in October.

I really wanted to share this video as I find so much inspiration and strength as I realize time and again that we are not the only people experiencing suffering and agony.

President Monson lost his wife in May this year and here is this man encouraging and strengthening millions of people reminding them to stay strong and endure to the end.

I was especially touched by the story he shared of one of his old friends (this old man was 105 years old) ... he couldn't hear anymore and ... he couldn't see anymore ... he knew he was about to die and yet on his death bed all he could say was "thank you, Heavenly Father has been so good to me"

We showed this video to our children with the hope of reminding them that we are not the only ones with trials and pain and suffering ... that other people are going through a lot worse and that trials are there to strengthen us and bring us closer to the Lord ... even if it doesn't feel that way at the time.

I was reminded by President Monson to PRAY EVERY DAY ... that we really need the Lord EVERY HOUR ... and that if we hold on to the Gospel and The Savior & stay close to the Lord ... no matter how tough things get ... we will be given power and strength to endure those trials.


Her legs are looking good ... compared to a month ago... I find that her legs are healing the slowest ... she itches a lot and scratches and hence spreads infections which starts the terrible flare cycle all over again ... I have given Eden a spoon and nicknamed it "scratcher"... she's allowed to scratch but only with the spoon as it's easier to keep clean and bacteria won't collect on it as much ... but she doesn't always use it ... it's like she "zones out"when she starts scratching ... and don't care how much she hurt herself or how deep she scratches as long as she can scratch. Urgh!!

Arms looking good ... she still has elephant skin on her elbows, wrists and hands ... but it use to be around her neck as well and now her neck is softer, so I'm not too worried about it.

Tummy looks good and feels soft ... such a magnificent feeling

She flares a little on her back at times but funny enough she never wants to scratch her back ... she always only wants me to tickle it gently ... she says it calms her down.

And then finally ... the highlight of Eden's week was when a little girl called Amy & her mom Lena got into contact with us (they are going through the same ordeal ... Amy is currently in her 4th month of steroid withdrawal and have recently started a blog as well) ... in the picture below is Eden busy replying to Amy's facebook messages.

Such a blessing to have made a new friend .... someone to vent and share and laugh and cry with  ... via technology ... Yay for facebook :)

Amy's blog is:

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