Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Celebrating small victories!!

Every morning I vacuum Eden's bedroom floor and wash it so that dust mites won't collect (laminated floor so I can clearly see the amount of skin that is on the floor ... and it's a TON) ... this has been going on for MONTHS (probably 4 months) and just gotten more and more and more and more and mooooorrrreee.

Until this morning ... when I noticed that the "TON" of skin have now reduced to about half that amount!!

When I asked Eden if it's just my imagination or whether she's also noticed it ... she was very blaze'about it saying "I've noticed it for a while now but thought it was just a TSW thing and probably nothing to think about"


We've gone from Red Burning HELL FIRE skin to skin that is not so red anymore and doesn't burn all the time 
We've also gone from having trouble regulating body temperature to having a normal body temperature (no more chills and constant shivering)
We've gone from flaking/shedding a ton of skin to about half that amount now ... and probably in the near future NO MORE SHEDDING OF SKIN!!!

It's so easy to get caught up in the negativity of this dreaded painful irritating frustrating heartbreaking agonizing TSW journey that one forgets to notice the small little victories.

Wow :)

Feeling really grateful at the moment.

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