Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Painful legs

We have just entered our 6th month of cortisone withdrawal and poor Eden is going through yet another flare up and in a lot of  pain ... from skin that is burning and flaking and oozing to skin that tore off as the blankets stuck to her legs during the night to painful bones, swollen glands, insomnia and insane itching!!!

But there's beautiful white skin in between all the inflamed red skin and perhaps this is wishful thinking but maybe ... just maybe it's the start of her new skin coming through.

Let's hope this is the light at the end of the tunnel ... even if it's still in the far far very far distance. 

Picture 1: Torn skin from the blankets that stuck to Eden's skin last night :(

Picture 2: Her legs have a purple colouring to it and there's thick skin but white parts at certain areas coming through

Picture 3: lots of tears as a result of torn skin from her blankets that got stuck to her legs last night :(((

Picture 4: Eden's white skin on her hands coming through

 picture 6: her tummy feels

 Picture 7: neck very tight and sore when I wash it but otherwise it's not too bad.

Picture 8 & 9: arms looks a lot better but it's one of the most painful parts (apart from her legs) on her body

 Picture 10, 11 & 12 painful and irritated and itchy legs but beautiful white skin in between the thick inflamed red areas.

Picture 13: still managing a brave smile 

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  1. Oh sweet Eden!!! So sorry you are suffering so!! I too have purple legs...will be posting a picture of them in a few days....we can have purple legs together!! I have not forgotten your email. Things got busy and bad....have not had time to get my kids set up with their own emails. My goal this week!!