Monday, 14 October 2013

"If the cup won't pass .... drink it"

Just some comforting words from Elder Holland at the recent General Conference held in Salt Lake Utah.... even though he was specifically talking about MDD / Depression I found this talk extremely comforting and strengthening for those who are going through all sort of trials.

As the caregiver of the person who is suffering from an illness ... the following words were very encouraging and comforting to me:
"If you are the one afflicted or a caregiver to such, try not to be overwhelmed with the size of your task. Don’t assume you can fix everything, but fix what you can. If those are only small victories, be grateful for them and be patient. Dozens of times in the scriptures, the Lord commands someone to “stand still” or “be still”—and wait. Patiently enduring some things is part of our mortal education.
For caregivers, in your devoted effort to assist with another’s health, do not destroy your own. In all these things be wise. Do not run faster than you have strength. Whatever else you may or may not be able to provide, you can offer your prayers and you can give “love unfeigned.”“Charity suffereth long, and is kind; … [it] beareth all things, … hopeth all things, endureth all things. Charity never faileth.”
Also let us remember that through any illness or difficult challenge, there is still much in life to be hopeful about and grateful for. We are infinitely more than our limitations or our afflictions.
My husband have been kind enough to get a housekeeper for us on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that I am free to attend to all our children as well as helping Eden prepare for her upcoming year end exams I Learned a few valuable lessons while chatting to our housekeeper (Pinkie):
This woman have 12 children (most of which are orphans) and 4 of which live with HIV  ... 2 of which are under the age of 4.
She told me that those first two years were the hardest but that things are much better and life seems normal again ... that all the kids are doing well, enjoying school and healthy (even though they have HIV) ... the hardest thing they are currently enduring is discrimination and living with something that (UNLIKE Cortisone Withdrawal) ... they will never (in this life) be free of... and that they (no matter how hard they try) will never (Unlike cortisone withdrawal) have a normal life ... 
YET in all this Pinkie comforted me saying: "never give up hope and faith ... trust God and pray ... your child will get better ... I promise you"

What an amazing woman!!!

About two weeks ago Eden had a terrible infection in her legs that caused her a great deal of pain and all of us many sleepless nights ... but thankfully our Homeopath attended to her and the infection cleared within 24 hours.
At the moment her skin looks the best I have seen so far in the past 6 months but still when others look at her they do a double-take.
Her Bff and her mom popped by yesterday and told me how beautiful Eden was looking and that they can see drastic improvement ... I feel like we are entering the beginning of her healing phase ... Joey mentioned it starts in the mind ... and I have definitely sensed a change in Eden the past 2 weeks ... she's more cheerful, sleeps better at night, (still scratches, oozes and flakes) but generally doing a lot better.
I feel that her healing is finally starting ... even if it's just in the beginning.
Eden's face, neck, stomach and back seems to be clearing more and more every day. 
Her arms looked terrible up until this past week ... it also seems to be turning around for the better.
 Eden's legs are healing the slowest (due to the constant infections she was picking up) but even though it's not looking perfect ... I (and other people) can definitely see changes and skin clearing and areas healing ... her legs will probably heal last but we'll get there.

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