Wednesday, 28 May 2014

13 months flare

I've noticed a pattern since March this year: she flares every 2 1/2 to 3 weeks and it takes at least a week before the flare starts calming down and she can return to school.

Here are some pics of her skin (currently): 


The bottom pic of her legs were taken  in a darker area in our house  ... she's not really that purple.

I posted 2 pics of her legs ... the one below was taken today and the one underneath it was taken a year ago ... seems like when she's flaring her skin looks almost exactly the same as it did a year ago.
This is so incredibly frustrating ... I've read about so many people on the forum that are still experiencing these horrible flares 24 to 30 months into their withdrawal.... I truly hope life will turn around for Eden now ... in the very near future ... this has been such a long road and I have honestly thought that by 1 year we would start seeing improvement on a consistent basis ... but instead I've seen flares that come consistently every 2 to 3 weeks ... 

What I can say (on a positive note) is that her skin recovers a lot quicker after each flare than it did a year ago. 

So despite all my whining ... there's still progress and things to be grateful for.

Her most recent flare:

1 year ago



  1. I'm so sorry you are still dealing with flares at 13 months! :( How old is Eden? My daughter Katie is 12 years old. May we add your blog to our blog roll? Our blog is at:
    We are only 3 to 4 weeks in at the moment. :(

  2. Hi Tricia, Eden will be turning 11 this year.
    She's had eczema all her life and have used the strongest cortisone you can imagine (for children ... stuff that according to my paed should have been prescribed only to adults). I guess that's why she's experiencing it so bad because of the duration and strength of the steroids that she used.

    please feel free to add us to your blog. Thank you for your blog link ... will definitely read it.

    Eden's mom