Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Lymph glands

Okay, so I know everyone that experiences TSW are having enlarged lymph glands ... which thankfully disappear once they are cured.
Eden's lymph glands have swollen and been popping up everywhere ... behind her ears (it's almost 2cm big), under her armpits, in her groin area, on the side of her ribcage ... that one stands out like a marble.


my GP ... who completely supports and respects what we are doing have suggested that I put Eden on a course of antibiotics ... just to see if the glands will go down (or some of them at least) ... and if there's no improvement by end of next week then she needs to have blood tests done to rule out any other underlying conditions.

I'm not too stressed about it ... sure she will be fine.
So, she's currently on some antibiotics (urgh) but, I see it as an experiment...there's nothing to lose ... just another flare closer to the final flare....so in my husband's words:  "bring it on"  .... (yeah right lol)

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  1. I have just been on a course and my glands went down heaps and have stayed down. Hope they help Eden x