Sunday, 4 May 2014


We have finally made it to 1 YEAR TSW!!!!

Eden is busy recovering from a nasty 2 week flare ... she's left with a lot of skin damage, sores etc but the flare is better ... she's still itchy... but the worst is behind us in terms of the past 2 weeks.

We have bathed her in organic apple cider vinegar and recently I've added dead sea salt. Put an anticeptic cream on the open sores and bepanthen baby bum cream on her face ... it's worked miracles for her dry skin the past week!

She's on strong probiotics and trace minerals.

I haven't given her any antibiotics yet as I really want to give her skin time to heal by itself ... but will see how it goes.

She'll return to school tomorrow and got so many supportive messages from the kids in her class and their parents saying how they will be there for her and that she must get well soon.

It makes this journey so much easier.

Below are pics I've taken last night ... still need time to heal but she looks a lot better than 2 weeks ago.


  1. Go Eden!!! Happy quit day! And you are rockin!

  2. I truly hope that this time next year she will be completely healed. X

    1. You and me both Louise :) Either way ... we are getting there and this will be a thing of the past ... of that I am certain. Thank you for all your support xx