Tuesday, 29 April 2014

2nd week flare NEARLY 12 MONTHS IN

So frustrating!!

Eden is now in her 2nd week of flaring ... the redness have gone down and a lot of her flare has calmed down ... she's not so sore anymore ... she can lift her neck slightly again but but BUT her skin is dry and flaky and itchy and she's butchering herself ... her face is full of sores and infection and skin is peeling.

I am taking her to our GP tomorrow to get a course of antibiotics as the infections are bad...I prefer the homeopath but at the moment nothing seems to help...not even our homeopathic treatment.

Guess it's just one of those things that need to be waited out.

Here's some pics taken this morning of her face: It's so frustrating when you have come so far and have had such a lovely relative calm and recovery period and then out of nowhere a flare from hell hits.


  1. Hello girls, I have been following your blog for some time.
    I is so awful you have to go through such nasty flare. I really feel for Eden and your family. My son is 8 years old and has had eczema all his life, I'm convinced he has TSA, but is not yet in TSW. He got an MRSA infection and as a result he was on super strong antibiotics for over two months (doctors didn't have a clue what was going on for a long time as they didn't swab him and assumed it was just a regular staph inf.). Large areas of skin on his face and neck oozed off, so as soon as his skin dried a little and he grew his skin back we started to use diluted apple cider vinegar to sponge wash him. He cleared so well and now we still use ACV (Bragg organic brand) to prevent any infection taking hold. Since being clear of the MRSA he has had some normal staph infected cracks around his ears, eye lids and legs, all of which were taken care of with only ACV daily shower sponge and nothing else.
    He also couldn't tolerate any moisturiser after the MRSA infection so we also stopped that (he is so much less itchy and after the initial very dry few weeks he is the best he has ever been)!
    I am sorry to go on and I do know TSW is a different beast than what I'm dealing with, I just thought incase you haven't thought about vinegar and it may help (I hate to give advice to mums that have researched and tried everything, so it's more of a thought really).
    I wish and hope Eden gets through this awful time soon and will be on the way to being healed. She is such a strong, brave girl and you are doing such a great job. I'm sending all my positive thoughts and best wishes your way!
    Hana xxx

  2. Hi Hana, thank you so much for your advice and kind words. It's so encouraging for Eden (and myself) when people support and send love and good wishes.
    We have been using apple cider vinegar faithfully ... apparently the 11 month flare is very normal with regards to TSW patients ... it's extra bad because it's in her face this time ... but I know it will clear and heal ... so sorry to hear about your little one but glad that you have found relief and answers ... not everyone with eczema experiences steroid addiction ... I truly hope your child is one of those lucky ones.

    With Love

  3. Keep truckin, mama, you're Inspiring my progress here in lonely, scary day 59!

  4. hey warriors eden and andriette, ahhhh a flare!! :( don't be too tied up about it, it will die down one day and get better :D keep doing the things you like and focus on those things. how is school going? it's term break on our side of the world... smile more take care girls x

  5. Thanks girls. It's always so nice to hear from you and feel the support and love.
    Ahfaye ... you are making amazing progress!! We are so happy for you. Your story will truly be the tsw story of the century.
    Jen ... hang in there ... your positive attitude and humour will see you through all the tough times.
    Kids are on holiday .. however they return to school on Monday. Thankfully Eden is well enough to return (not perfect ... she still has a lot of damage due to scratching that now needs time to heal but at least the flare has subsided for now).