Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Extremely tight and dry skin

Perhaps it's the change of seasons? We are heading into winter now and every winter Eden flares really bad ... it started on Friday and her flare in terms of intense redness etc haven't actually gotten worse but the dryness is so unbearably uncomfortable, she cannot even lift her head as her neck is too tight.

I'm contacting a Dermatologist that does UV light therapy ... perhaps it's a good idea to start her on light therapy for the winter.

She's staying home for the next few days, she's very teary and miserable today ... just staying in her bed.

I am curious to see how long it takes to settle down again.

I don't have the best quality camera so the detail of Eden's skin could not be captured ... hopefully you get some idea ... even her eye lids are flaking at the moment.

 Not lifting her head too much as it hurts around her neck (skin too dry and tight)

Legs are extremely dry and flared but we've seen a lot worse and won't ignore the fact that there's definitely progress.


  1. Pictures are nice because they reind us that we are improving, just slowly. Give her a hug for me (if she can tolerate being touched!) she's a brave one! <3

  2. I'm with ya, little mama! Have you tried Shea butter? I've seen great improvements and if I add a little it gives me mobility! I have blog pictures from me on Saturday, I couldn't even blink!

  3. So true Esther ... we have seen great improvement over the past couple of months
    Jen I have looked everywhere for Shea butter here in SA but can't find ... will keep looking though. She's using a very good cream made from bulbinella and it works really well. Took her to our homeopath for some meds today and contacted a phototherapy centre ... will start her UV light therapy treatment soon. Thanks for the messages. Eden loves to know that people are thinking about her....and you are all in our thoughts as well.xxx