Thursday, 24 April 2014

Almost 1 Year TSW

I've heard of many people that have flared around the 1 year mark.
We have flared at the almost 11 months and now again at the almost 12th month mark ... every day her flare seems to be getting worse ... probably because she has infection now ... she is so so sore!!

I have only taken pics of her face (not her body) ... she cleared beautifully and at one stage I was almost certain we were on the path to full recovery but now I have to give into another dose of antibiotics and hope for the best.

I have seen Eden's skin improve dramatically over the past few months so I know it is possible ... healing is possible ... it's better than being in that awful stagnant phase ... just have to keep the faith.

These photo's were taken Yesterday ... I am too scared to see what she looks like today (she's still sleeping) :(

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