Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Thank you's

It's been a HECTIC year ... but finally have come to the end of our school year:

After all the hell Eden's been through ... I am extremely proud and happy to share this achievement with everyone: Eden's school held their annual honours evening last night and Eden was awarded a certificate and academic scroll for her hard work this year ... I expected an academic achievement the first half of the year but gave up on that idea once the 3rd term started as Eden really struggled ... A LOT (with her health and skin) she dropped about 2 to 3 % in her average (academically) but it was still extremely good.

Then we got the invite to the honours evening and still I didn't expect a scroll ... only a certificate.

Turns out she got a scroll anyway (will post a pic of it soon as Eden lost it on her way off the stage due to nerves lol).

Again, I just want to thank Anonymous for posting that bold comment a couple of months ago ... to pull her out of school and start home schooling her .... second to stopping cortisone use ... this has been the best choice I have made in terms of what benefits Eden. (she will return to formal schooling as soon as she's better but until then we'll continue home schooling her) ... ALSO, Thank you to Eden's school Monument Primary: Mr Moore and all the Gr 4 teachers for allowing us to use their curriculum to get Eden through the year ... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Eden's Bff Kyra and her mom and my friend Natalie for faithfully bringing Eden's homework every week ... for all the messages and hugs and love and support and just being a friend to Eden when no one else was.

And THANK YOU to my husband Gordon that stood by us this year ... that paid for EVERY SINGLE medical, physical and psychological expense for Eden (and doing it with a happy heart and willingly) ... and all the blessings you gave her ... and all the love and discipline she (and all our kids) gets from you ... and standing by my side ... and carrying me when I couldn't anymore... you are the love of my life!

Eden also got reading glasses Yesterday ... she looks soooooooo cute (I think it's genetic because I got reading glasses when I was 10 years old as well).

And last but certainly not least .... it's FINALLY holidays for the kids!!!! REST REST and more REST for them.
So grateful.

Love and prayers of healing for all


  1. I'm so proud of her!! I dropped college for a year to do withdrawal. She is so brave and tell her congratulations from me (a stranger friend in los Angeles! :)

  2. thank you Ester our strange friend from LA. you are so kind.
    I looked at your blog... how are you holding up?

  3. Doing much better but still long way to go!

  4. She is beautiful in ALL her pictures. For me, this whole ordeal has reinforced the fact that skin is the absolutely most superficial part of our being.
    May I ask where you went on your vacation? I looks heavenly!