Sunday, 2 November 2014


Each one of Eden's major flares this year have lasted 3 weeks ... this past one was the same but it hit hard and fast and caused so much skin damage that it will take at least 2x or 3x that time to heal and start looking normal again.

I will post more pics soon .... just in a rush at the moment ... wanted to say that the flare have past ... one down ... ??? to go.

Every time a flare passes ... I feel like I can breath again (it's so weird, like I hold my breath every time the flare hits ... it's sooooo exhausting ... and I'm not even the one suffering with the condition).

Eden's brave through all this ... still gets down and despondent at times ... still dreams and longs for the day when she's normal and able to do the stuff normal kids her age does ... but until then .... we will "bite the bullet".


GOOD LUCK EDEN ... (starting final year exams in the next 8 days).
She's been home this entire final term of school so lots to catch up on.

Once again ... so grateful for the understanding we get from her school (particularly the principal) and her two friends that bring homework and help her where I can't (with schoolwork) ... thanks K & S xxx


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