Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Local Newspaper article

Our local newspaper interviewed us last week regarding Eden's cortisone free journey.

Below is a pic of the article. and the link to the newspaper website / article link for the fellow itsan group members that would like to read this:

Who knows....Maybe someone else in SA are looking for answers that can only be answered by ITSAN


  1. hello dear skin warriors Eden and Eden's mommy you guys are doing so fantastic! you are so brave Andriette to contact the news about what you guys are going through and to spread the word out there. Way to go!! lots of love to you both. Wish you closer to healing as days go xxx ahfaye

  2. Thank yo so much for your message and apologies for only replying now. I only saw this message last night.
    Love and speedy recovery 2 u2 xxx