Thursday, 5 September 2013


One of the less noticeable scars of cortisone withdrawal is the amount of bullying, judging and ridicule these people (especially children and teenagers) have to experience.

One expects teasing from children ... even if it's subtle (a mere look often speaks louder than words) ... and sadly a lot of adults give Eden that "look" fact I cannot count how many times I have caught adults openly staring (nearly twisting their heads around to see what is going on with Eden's skin) ... and may I add ... it's not just strangers ... but people who actually personally know Eden ... who understands what she is going through and still can't prevent their mouths from hanging open.

My husband often have to calm me down ... in fact restrain me from ripping heads off (figuratively speaking of course).

That being said ... I understand as a mother of a TSW child ... I am over-sensitive and over-protective and the best thing for me is to explain to them (again ... and again ... and again) exactly what Eden is going through and then hope and pray that the message might sink in.


What I eventually go fed up with, was the amount of subtle (and open) teasing that Eden endured from children at school.

And I feel strongly that teaching children values such as tolerance, kindness and just plain manners is NOT the responsibility of the school but first and foremost the responsibility of the PARENT!

Eden is now being home-schooled with the help and support of her school (90 % because she is physically struggling and 10 % because she is emotionally struggling ... that emotional percentage might have been higher if it wasn't for the fact that Eden's been attending anti-bullying kiddie courses with her step dad for the past 2 years).

There's a link to that website just below the pages heading (to the right of this page) for those who are interested in Anti-bullying or personal safety & protection.

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  1. I totally agree with you Andriette, I was teased a lot in school and I grew up with pretty low self-esteem because of my eczema. but no worries we have found a cure! and this nasty beast will only make us a better person and angels like you and Eden are doing a fantastic job in educating others about anti-bullying and TSW, but most importantly love, empathy and compassion towards others. xxx ahfaye