Sunday, 23 March 2014

Almost 11 months!!

Apologies for not blogging as faithfully as I would have liked to ... but, life has just been crazy the past 3 months: morning sickness and kids back at school ... toddler running around and all this while dealing with occasional mini flares.

We have had such a wonderful past 2 1/2 months (despite the mini flares) ... Eden's skin was so clear and beautiful at one point I thought she was starting to heal (for good), but in the back of my mind I remembered what everyone on the forum kept telling us: "watch out for that nasty 11 month flare"

And lo and behold ... Eden is 2 weeks away from 11 month TSW and currently going through a flare from hell!

She's back to oozing and having that strange plasma smell on her
She's back to skin flaking (this haven't stopped at all for the past nearly 11 months but we have had days where she had so little it was almost nothing)
She's back to itchiness, red patches, parts that is infected and and and.

That is the thing with tsw: you never know when the next flare will hit or how severe... so you just have to brace yourself and try and stay as positive as you possibly can.

I must admit ... I had a complete emotional break down Yesterday ... it is awful to see someone suffer like this ... and to have your own child experience this is heart breaking!

I still feel a lump in my throat today ... and moments where the tears well up in my eyes but, then I remember how beautiful and healthy she looked not so long ago ... and that it will happen again.

She is currently lying in the sun (with her face) we haven't found a dermatologist that can do light therapy on her yet but at least we have the blazing African sun in all it's glory to do the job ... maybe we don't even need light therapy?

I am grateful that she's been healthy enough to go to school for the past 3 months and it's almost perfect timing as they are writing exams (so no real need to be at school) AND school's are closing for 2 weeks on Friday.

I took Eden to a ENT a few weeks ago ... we discovered that she has very active tonsils and they need to be removed ASAP ... so this will happen this coming Thursday. She will also be writing 3 exams this week (thankfully it's not too much studying this week as the past 2 weeks have been intense studying and probably added to her flare).

We are all looking forward to the school holidays ... a much needed break for kids results in a much needed break for moms.

Eden's face is extremely flared and irritated

This is how beautiful she recovered ... this was taken on Valentines Day ... she looked so lovely and healthy .... and almost completely normal again.

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  1. big hugs to you both, it is so disheartening to see a flare after calmer skin. I hope it passes super quick xx