Thursday, 16 January 2014

Back to school

Eden is finally well enough to return to school:
Her skin is looking better than ever (still have spots and parts that need to heal but she has the most beautiful milky white and a lot of parts are soft skin at the moment).
She's sleeping better
Shedding less skin
Still slightly itchy
No open sores and infections
and just generally very happy.

We met with the principal and Eden was excited (and scared) at the idea of returning to school.

When she finally returned to school (Yesterday the 15th) she burst out in tears in front of her class mates but her teacher kindly comforted and reassured her that all will be okay and since then she's been all smiles and happy spirit.

She told me today "Mommy, I like looking at my face in the mirror" ... and she even pretended to be a swimsuit model as she was wearing her swimming costume ... it was amazing to see.

We are not pushing her too much (i.e. athletics try outs are a no-go at the moment and if any bullying happens the principal wants to know about it). When flare ups hit, she will be allowed to stay home until she's better.

And then Eden's little brother also started grade 1 this year so she's super excited to see him at school as well.

All-in-all ... I feel very positive and excited about this new phase of life ... and extra excited that Eden is so positive.

We have come such a long way ... it's been so incredibly exhausting ... so, I am just incredibly grateful for this turn of events.


  1. Looking good Eden!

    Have fun at school x

  2. Hello, I am comparing your beautiful daughter to mine. The symptoms are the same for these two lovelies. I am wondering If I can email you? I am trying to keep her off the harsh steroids that started this whole mess. Its really a hard journey and I am excited to have found another mom with a daughter. :)

  3. You are more than welcome to: havaraeden@gmail,com
    Let's chat some more

  4. apologies, I made a mistake: (not ,com) lol

  5. she looks so sweet in that uniform! have an awesome term Eden xxx